Stridekick is free for everyone!

A step challenge app for friends and family.

From the creators of Stridekick, MoveSpring is a fun, easy-to-use step challenge platform for companies and organizations. Connect any activity tracking device and get stepping as a group!

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A great choice for small groups to get started with challenges.
Includes up to 100 users*
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Kick it up a notch with features like chat and content.
Includes up to 300 users*
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Ignite healthy behavior with advanced features and support.
Includes up to 500 users*
All prices indicated are in USD.
*Have a larger group? Add more users to any plan.

Group experience management made easy

Our group experience manager tool comes complete with customized programs, easy challenge creation and resources for program best practices. Successfully manage your step challenge program with participant data reporting and exporting at the tip of your fingers.

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Fun for all employees

Engage both your in-office and remote employees through group chat, customizable content and unlimited friend capabilities. Post some words of encouragement in the group chat, add friends and share educational or inspiring content of your choosing.

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Movespring features chat

Cross-device compatibility

Our platform connects with the leading fitness tracker, smartwatches and smartphones as trackers. We know one device isn't made for everyone. Let your employees use their own devices or get bulk pricing. Our fitness tracker integrations include: Apple Watch, Fitbit, Google Fit, Nokia, Garmin, Misfit, Xiaomi, Pebble, Polar, and smartphones.

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Live stats

Track progress and engagement throughout your challenges in real time. Our group experience dashboard and reporting tool will give you deeper insights to your groups' activity data.

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We ensure your step challenge success

Our customer success team can help you implement best practices for your first step challenge. We assist with challenge mode selection, goal setting, communication, user onboarding and end-user support.

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A variety of challenge modes


Track the number of consecutive days you've successfully hit your movement goals, and motivate your fellow steppers in Streak mode.

Team Leaderboard

Take your team to the top of the leaderboard. The team with the highest step, distance or minutes average wins.


Aim for a total step goal for the challenge and track your pace to make sure you will reach your target goal before the end!


Leaderboard allows competitive steppers to achieve the ultimate glory by making it to the top of the leaderboard.

Group Target

Group target combines everyone’s steps to achieve a collective goal. Set a total activity goal for the group to reach over a specified period of time. Great for team building!

Journey Coming soon!

Challenge yourself in a virtual long distance race. Participants can track in real time where they are along the journey's path.

Customize your challenge

You choose what metric you want to compete on in any of these challenges!

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Hit your stride and get fit as a team.

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Improve culture by engaging both in-office and remote employees

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Save time, energy and money on program administration.

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Activity and engagement insight reporting with data exporting.

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Support participant's personal wearables or get bulk pricing.

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Customizable programs based on team size and goals.

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