The Stridekick Team

At Stridekick, we believe that social connection and peer support are important to create and sustain healthy habits. Technology can be a tool to help cultivate communities that hold the key to lasting behavioral change. Together we can take strides towards improving our personal and collective health.

Team Stridekick

Our team

At Stridekick we are driven by optimism, passion and the belief that both fitness and hard work should be fun. We don’t think like your average tech company and that usually works out in our favor.

There are a few things that are always certain: Stridekickers never stop questioning, learning and innovating. Whether its building a new feature or hitting that target across the office with a Nerf gun, we never give up when it comes to achieving goals.

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The Stridekick roster

Stridekick co-founder and CEO, John Contreras

John Contreras

Co-Founder and CEO

Stridekick co-founder and COO, Anthony Knierim

Anthony Knierim

Co-Founder and COO

stridekick team member andy bustamante

Andy Bustamante

stridekick team member cary landholt

Cary Landholt

stridekick team member christina devoney

Christina Devoney

stridekick team member chelsie o'donnell

Chelsie O'Donnell

stridekick team member mike mckinley

Mike McKinley

stridekick team member hillary snyder

Hillary Snyder

stridekick team member christine oksas

Christine Oksas

stridekick team member chris mendoza

Chris Mendoza

stridekick team member lena guerrero

Lena Guerrero

stridekick team member alex paluka

Alex Paluka

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