Join friends and take strides towards achieving better health.

Fitness should be fun! Kickstart your activity with a little friendly competition. Hit your stride with our community, or access tools to manage your own.

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Core features

Cross-device compatibility

Stridekick provides reliable product integration with the top fitness tracker and smartwatch brands so you can compete with friends using different trackers. Cross device compatibility allows almost everyone to join. Connect with fitness trackers from Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings, Garmin, Misfit, Apple Watch, Xiaomi, Pebble, Polar, and smartphones as trackers and start playing today.

Get fit with friends

Changing your device doesn’t have to mean losing your Fitbit friends. Invite them to join you on Stridekick! Stay connected with old friends and make new friends in the Stridekick Fitness community

Just the basics

Host step challenges with more than 10 participants. Increase your participant limit to get your entire group stepping towards their goals.


Programs, Events & Conferences

Engage your group in a wellness experience they won’t forget. Easily manage your group, create larger and longer step challenges, and pull reports with our Group Experience Manager tools and Customer Success representative.

Group Pricing

Join fitness challenges or create your own

Challenge yourself by creating a fun fitness challenge with your own goal or invite friends and coworkers to join and motivate you. Don’t want to create your own challenge? Become a part of the Stridekick community and join a community challenge to earn badges for achieving your goals.

Join a challenge

Explore and be inspired

Discover fitness, nutrition, and wellness tips and tricks. Be inspired to develop new healthy habits. Stridekick’s community of experts are here to guide and motivate you to become your happiest, healthiest self


Connect any tracker

Compete with friends using any leading fitness tracker, smartwatch or smartphone as a tracking device. With crossdevice compatibility, everyone can play!

Activity data insights

Don’t settle for the charts and reports produced by your fitness tracker’s software. Get more from your fitness data with Stridekick’s Insights! Dig deeper into your data to discover your activity trends and patterns so you can always be at the top of your game. With Insights you have the power to make your weak days stronger and your best days even better.

Multiple challenge modes


Want to achieve your goals together? Streak challenges allow you to track the number of days you reach your goal, and motivate your fellow steppers to do the same!


Dreaming of your next travel destination? Take a virtual vacation with our Journey challenges that take you to exciting trails around the world. See if you can hike to the end of the expedition!


Feeling extra competitive? Achieve ultimate glory by making it to the top of the leaderboard. See how you rank with other players and earn bragging rights as the best stepper of them all!


Aim for a total step goal during the challenge and track your pace to make sure you reach your target goal by the last day. Slacking on one day? No problem, just pick up the pace the next day! As long as the sum of our steps for the challenge meet the target goal then you succeed.

Challenge your friends. Motivate yourself

Start competing!

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