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Community Update - November 2020

ClaireNov 5, 2020

Hello, fellow Stridekickers! 👋 For our very first community update, we're highlighting some of our favorite recent and upcoming community challenges for this November. We hope this guide helps you discover a new community challenge or two to join this month and that you enjoy our recap of some of our recent challenges from last month as well. We'll also be shouting-out some of our most engaged challenge participants to thank them for helping us grow the Stridekick community.

November Community Challenges

To start us off, here's a guide to our community challenges starting this November. To join any of the challenges listed below, please create or log into your existing Stridekick account and then follow the steps in this help article.

🍂 MOVE-vember | Nov. 1 - 30

Individual Goal: Reach 155,000 steps in 30 days

Our most popular challenge to date is back for November! In this month-long challenge, each participant will be working towards the Target goal of 155,000 steps throughout the month of November. You'll need to get approximately 5,000 steps/day to meet this goal. Grab your favorite sweater and head on out to earn those steps. If you enjoyed our latest 🍁 WALK-tober challenge, be sure to check this challenge out.

🍴Thanksgiving Side Hustle | Nov. 2 - 15

Team Goal: Step to bring your favorite Thanksgiving side to the top of the leaderboard

While the turkey often steals the show for a classic Thanksgiving meal, this team challenge is all about the sides! Choose your favorite Thanksgiving side dish to represent by joining the team featuring your favorite side and start hustling. 💪 This challenge is perfect if you're looking for a fun, team-based community challenge.

cutting pumpkin pie

✨ 14 Days of Gratitude | Nov. 12 - 25

Individual Goal: Complete a daily gratitude prompt

Practicing gratitude has many benefits, and this November leading up to Thanksgiving Day, we're challenging you to 14 days of gratitude so you can start to reap the benefits in your own life. Each day at 7am CST, we'll share a new daily gratitude prompt for you to complete. To participate, complete each daily prompt and then mark the prompt as completed in the challenge. If you're looking for a challenge to help you form a new healthy habit, this might be the one for you!

🦃 Trot Challenge | Nov. 16 - 30

Group Goal: Reach 42,000 miles (~67,592 kms) together in 14 days

We are doing our own virtual version of a Turkey Trot this year! The goal for this challenge is to reach 42,000 miles (~67,592 kms) in 2 weeks as a group. Gobble gobble - let's reach that finish line together! For a virtual opportunity to log some miles this November, be sure to check this challenge out.

a running thanksgiving turkey

🙏 Thanksgiving Weekend Challenge | Nov. 26 - 29

Group Goal: Reach 20 million steps together in 4 days

No better way to celebrate our gratitude for good health than by stepping towards our collective goal of 20,000,000 steps in 4 days! It may be tempting to relax on the sofa after a wonderful meal with your family, but just think about how much better you'll feel after walking - your digestion will thank you. This challenge could be your perfect opportunity to help inspire your family to get moving together over the holiday weekend.

Recap of October Community Challenges

Let's take a moment to recognize all of our hard work from our October 2020 challenges.

🍁 WALK-tober | Oct. 1 - 31

Individual Goal: Reach 155,000 steps in 30 days

  • Participants: 4,023 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: 2,596 participants (65% of all participants) reached the goal!
  • Fun Fact: Collectively, we stepped over 893,103,417 steps in this challenge
picture of persons legs walking in white shoes

🍂 Fall into Fitness | Sept. 28 - Oct. 11

Individual Goal: Complete the 14 sets of exercises in the 14 days of the challenge, and compete to be at the top of the leaderboard for steps and minutes

  • Participants: 1,012 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: Roy_R_Kjerentr placed first for the active minutes Leaderboard, and tweety501 placed first for the steps Leaderboard! Also, shout-out to everyone who completed all 14 sets of exercises. It wasn't easy towards the end. 😅
  • Fun Fact: We earned 629,030 active minutes as a group in this challenge

👻 Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins | Oct. 19 - 30

Team Goal: Stay as far as possible from the bottom of the leaderboard to prevent your team from becoming a ghost, ghoul, or goblin team

  • Participants: 593 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: Teams 14, 13, 10, and 12 made it to the end without becoming a ghost, ghoul, or goblin team
  • Fun Fact: 34,713 miles (55,865 kms) were covered in this challenge

🎃 Let's Go "Pumpkin Picking!" | Oct. 26 - 30

Individual Goal: Reach 8,000 steps each day individually. Collectively, if 50% or more participants reach the daily goal, we earn a pumpkin in our pumpkin patch

  • Participants: 1,276 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: We earned all 5 pumpkins together!
  • Fun Fact: 59,915,845 total steps were reached in the 5 days of this challenge

🕷️ Halloween Weekend Challenge! | Oct. 30 - Nov. 1

Group Goal: Reach 15,000,000 steps together over the Halloween weekend

  • Participants: 1,218 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: We reached 32,837,147 steps as a group - that's more than double our goal!
  • Fun Fact: A lot of stepping and pumpkin carving/painting took place - thank you for sharing your lovely pictures!

Participant Shout-outs 🎉

Here at Stridekick, we are all about building a community of participants who inspire and encourage others to reach their health goals while having fun. We love to see participants in the community go above and beyond to create this community, and for that reason, we want to highlight 2 inspiring Stridekickers we've seen go above and beyond recently.

Username: Phoen1x

Our first shout-out goes to Phoen1x for uploading beautiful photos that really engaged the community in chat! Thanks for brightening everyone's day. 😀

screenshot of stridekick chat messages

Username: Curlygirl8

Our second shout-out goes to Curlygirl8 for consistenly displaying her motivational achievements throughout the challenges she joins. Thanks for inspiring us all, Curlygirl8! ✨

screenshots of stridekick encouragement

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