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Community Update - January 2021

AnnaJan 29, 2021

Welcome to 2021 Stridekickers! 👋 Thanks for stopping by for this month's community update. Now that it's the new year, we have a lot of challenges that can help you get closer to your goals while having fun! We hope you'll join us for a community challenge or 2 this January. We'll also be sharing highlights from our December challenges and shouting-out 2 users who have been amazing sports in our recent community challenges.

January Community Challenges

Here's a quick rundown of our community challenges starting this January. To join any of the challenges listed below, please create or log into your existing Stridekick account and then follow the steps in this help article.

January Target! 🎯 | Jan. 1 - 31

Individual Goal: Reach 155,000 steps in 31 days Join us for the continuation of our DASH-cember challenge! ❄️Our goal is to step approximately 5,000 steps per day. Each participant will be working toward the target goal of 155,000 steps by the end of the month. If you're looking for a fun individual goal to work toward this month, you can't go wrong with this challenge!

Open Team Leaderboard | Jan. 1 - 31

Group Goal: Step to bring your team to the top of the leaderboard

As we step into 2021, don't miss your chance to participate in our open Team Leaderboard! If you don't have a team and want to create one, just join the challenge > select Create a Team > set up a Team Name and Photo. Then, go to Challenge Details to copy the invite link to send to your friends and family along with the name of your team so they can find it to join. For anyone without a team, please join one of our general Stridekick teams. There's no max team size, so invite away!

group of marathon runners on the street

New Year's Resolutions Face-Off! 🥊 | Jan. 4 - 31

Team Goal: Step to bring your New Year's resolution/team to the top of the leaderboard

As tempting as it may be to pick 100 New Year's resolutions, studies have shown that sticking to one resolution at a time increases our chances of sticking to it. In this challenge, you can pick from one of 4 resolutions as your team/to focus on for the month, so pick wisely! You can choose from Be More Mindful 🧘, Get Moving 🏃‍♀️, Sleep More 😴, and Eat Healthier 🍊. Let's see which resolution makes it to the top! 🥊

the numbers 2021 shown with fireworks

💆‍♂️ Be Aware of Self-Care | Jan. 8 - 10

Group Goal: Reach 15 million steps together in 3 days

National Bubble Bath Day lands on January 8th, and what better way to celebrate than with a challenge focused on self-care! After all, it's important to remember to prioritize self-care, especially as we're entering into the new year and setting goals for what we want to achieve. Our goal is to reach 15 million steps over 3 days. We will also be posting self-care content so try to make time for a small self-care act each day (especially during the weekend)! 💌

🥬 Lettuce Eat Healthier! | Jan. 11 - 17

Individual Goal: Complete a daily nutrition task

It's 2021 now, and we are starting off with a bang! We all know practicing healthy habits isn't just about moving' and grooving', but it's also about consuming the right food for proper nutrition 🥗💪 In this week-long challenge, we'll keep each other accountable to keep up with healthy eating habits by checking off daily nutrition tasks - let's do it! You're in for a punny treat!

Recap of December Community Challenges

Let's take a moment to recognize all of our hard work from our November challenges this past month!

❄️ Dash-cember | Dec. 1 - 31

Individual Goal: Reach 155,000 steps in 31 days

  • Participants: 2,567 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: 1,534 participants reached the goal - great job!
  • Fun Fact: 582,535,245 steps were taken during this challenge!

🗺️ Dashing Around The World | Dec. 1 - 31

Group Goal: Reach the end of our 100,000 miles world journey together

  • Participants: 1,238 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: We accomplished 135,716 miles out of our 100,000 miles goal! ✨
  • Fun Fact: 323,100,983 steps were synced in the duration of this challenge.

🦌 The Reindeer Games | Dec. 7 - 20

Team Goal: Step to bring your favorite reindeer to the top of the leaderboard

  • Participants: 1,114 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: Team Dasher took the lead with an average of 5.28 miles/day! 🎉
  • Fun Fact: 737,368 miles were recorded for this challenge.

🎅🏽 Holiday Weekend Challenge! | Dec. 24 - 27

Group Goal: Reach 20 million steps together in 4 days

  • Participants: 843 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: We crushed our goal with over 28 million steps together. ✨
  • Fun Fact: The average step count was 9,579 steps during this challenge - wow!

🎄 12 Days of Fitness | Dec. 25 - Jan. 5

Individual Goal: Complete a daily exercise prompt

  • Participants: 989 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: A total of 1,041 completions were checked off for the exercise prompts.
  • Fun Fact: Over 89 million steps were synced during this challenge!

Participant Shout-outs 🎉

Here at Stridekick, we are all about building a community of participants who inspire and encourage others to reach their health goals while having fun. We love to see participants in the community go above and beyond to create this community, and for that reason, we want to highlight 2 inspiring Stridekickers we've seen go above and beyond recently.

Username: HTown

Shoutout to: HTown for sharing travel inspiration with us and her adorable walking buddy!

view of puppy from stridekick chat

Username: Ginger14

Shoutout to: Ginger14 for bringing us along in her daily walks to the park that is the home of so many ducks!

view of ducks from a walk in stridekick chat

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