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Community Update - February 2021

SusanaFeb 16, 2021

Welcome to February Stridekickers! 👋 Thanks for stopping by for this month's community update. It may be a bit chillier outside at the moment, but we have a lot of challenges that will make getting your steps in more fun! We hope you'll join us for a community challenge or 2 this February. We'll also be sharing highlights from our January challenges and shouting-out 2 users who have gone above and beyond in our recent community challenges.

February Community Challenges

Here's a quick rundown of our community challenges starting this February. To join any of the challenges listed below, please create or log into your existing Stridekick account and then follow the steps in this help article.

February Target! 🎯 | Feb. 1 - 28

Individual Goal: Reach 155,000 steps in 28 days

Join us for the continuation of our January Target challenge! ❄️ Our goal is to step approximately ~5.5k/day this month since it's a bit shorter. We can do it! Each participant will be working toward the target goal of 155,000 steps by the end of the month. Good luck, and happy stepping! 👟

28 Days of Self-Care | Feb. 1 - 28

Individual Goal: Complete a daily self-care task each day

Show yourself some love this February with 28 days of self-care! From a quiet 5-minutes to yourself each morning to showing yourself compassion after a difficult day, self-care can mean something different for everyone and can vary from day-to-day. There's no right or wrong way to practice self-care, as long as you remember to check in with yourself each day and remind yourself that your health and well-being is a priority.

2 bowls of fruit yogurt on a table

Island Odyssey 🏝️ | Feb. 1 - 28

Group Goal: Reach 80,000 miles together in 29 days through our journey

Whether you're in the midst of winter or enjoying warm summer days, we can all appreciate an escape to the Islands to enjoy some much-needed R&R. As you hop between each island, you'll unlock fun facts about each location and new tips for practicing mindfulness to help you unwind and practice being present in the moment. Check off meditations as you go! Who is ready to go?!

Open Team Leaderboard | Feb. 1 - 28

Team Goal: Step to bring your team to the top of the leaderboard

Don't miss your chance to participate in our open Team Leaderboard! If you don't have a team and want to create one, just join the challenge > select Create a Team > set up a Team Name and Photo. Then, go to Challenge Details to copy the invite link to send to your friends and family along with the name of your team so they can find it to join. For anyone without a team, please join one of our general Stridekick teams. There's no max team size, so invite away!

Cupid Shuffle 💕 | Feb. 8 - 15

Team Goal: Step to bring your team to the top of the leaderboard

Celebrate Valentine's Day with our Cupid Shuffle team challenge! Create your own team or join an existing team. To invite friends to join your team, copy the invite link and let them know your team name so they can find you. Let's get creative with the team names and see who finishes on top! Note: All teams of 1 will be removed and team assignments will be finalized on Feb. 12 at 3pm CST. No new teams will be allowed after Feb. 12 at 3pm CST.

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Star Wars Super Fans | Feb. 15 - Mar. 14

Team Goal: Step to bring your team to the top of the leaderboard

"Do. Or do not. There is no try." - Yoda // Back by user request—we're hosting another Star Wars-themed team challenge. Just join your favorite character's team and get stepping! Please be sure to sync your totals into the challenge by Feb. 19 at 3pm CST or you'll be removed for your team.

Recap of January Community Challenges

Let's take a moment to recognize all of our hard work from our November challenges this past month!

January Target! 🎯 | Jan. 1 - 31

Individual Goal: Reach 155,000 steps in 31 days

  • Participants: 2,400 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: 1,466 participants reached the goal - woohoo! 🎉
  • Fun Fact: 541,023,782 steps were taken during this challenge.

Open Team Leaderboard | Jan. 1 - 31

Group Goal: Step to bring your team to the top of the leaderboard

  • Participants: 376 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: Group 06 made it to the top of the leaderboard!
  • Fun Fact: 106,014,282 steps were taken altogether in this challenge.

New Year's Resolutions Face-Off! 🥊 | Jan. 4 - 31

Team Goal: Step to bring your New Year's resolution/team to the top of the leaderboard

  • Participants: 1,314 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: Team Sleep More 😴 won with an average of 12,967 daily steps. 🙌
  • Fun Fact: Team Eat Healthier 🍊 came in second with an average of 10,780 daily steps.

💆‍♂️ Be Aware of Self-Care | Jan. 8 - 10

Group Goal: Reach 15 million steps together in 3 days

  • Participants: 364 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: We reached 11,207,524 out of our 15 million steps goal - so close!
  • Fun Fact: The individual daily average was 11,532 during this challenge.

🥬 Lettuce Eat Healthier! | Jan. 11 - 17

Individual Goal: Complete a daily nutrition task

  • Participants: 371 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: We had an about 58-79 completions for each nutrition task - nice! ✨
  • Fun Fact: 23,676,495 steps were taken during this challenge.

Participant Shout-outs 🎉

Here at Stridekick, we are all about building a community of participants who inspire and encourage others to reach their health goals while having fun. We love to see participants in the community go above and beyond to create this community, and for that reason, we want to highlight 2 inspiring Stridekickers we've seen go above and beyond recently.

Username: Hocus-Pocus123

Shoutout to: Hocus-Pocus123 for their great enthusiasm in the chat and sharing their journey with us all!

Screenshots of Stridekick Chat

Username: Roboteach

Shoutout to: Roboteach for sharing funny pictures and stories with us that bring smiles to our faces!

Screenshot of Stridekick Chat

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