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Community Update - December 2020

BrandonDec 4, 2020

Hello there, fellow Stridekickers! 👋 Thanks for tuning in for this month's community update. The holidays are coming up and we have a lot of fun challenges in store for you. We hope you'll join us for a community challenge or 2 this December. We'll also be sharing highlights from our November challenges and shouting-out 2 users who have been going the extra mile—literally!—in our recent community challenges.

December Community Challenges

Here's a quick rundown of our community challenges starting this December. To join any of the challenges listed below, please create or log into your existing Stridekick account and then follow the steps in this help article.

❄️ Dash-cember | Dec. 1 - 31

Individual Goal: Reach 155,000 steps in 31 days

This step challenge features our classic Target goal where each participant will be aiming to reach 155,000 steps by the end of the December. If you enjoyed our latest 🍂 MOVE-vember challenge, be sure to check this challenge out this month. If you're looking for a fun individual goal to work toward this month, you can't go wrong with this challenge!

🗺️ Dashing Around The World | Dec. 1 - 31

Group Goal: Reach the end of our 100,000 miles world journey together

While you may be staying closer to home for the holidays this year, you can still join us as we virtually "dash" around the world! Over the course of December, we'll be working towards a cumulative goal of 100,000 miles to make our way around the world. Every walk and run helps us reach our end goal, so let's get packin' and steppin'!

🦌 The Reindeer Games | December 7 - 20

Team Goal: Step to bring your favorite reindeer to the top of the leaderboard

Get into the holiday spirit with a fun and light-hearted team step challenge based off of—you guessed it!—Santa's 9 reindeer! This challenge is perfect for anyone who loves a bit of holiday cheer. Join a team and get to stepping!

deer walking in snow

🎅🏽 Holiday Weekend Challenge! | Dec. 24 - 27

Group Goal: Reach 20 million steps together in 4 days

A delicious meal + a long walk with your family = balance! And that's what we are aiming for in this challenge, so join us if you wish to contribute your steps to our overall goal of 20 million steps over this year's holiday weekend. Whether it's running around prepping for dinner or going on a walk afterwards, every step counts!

family picking out a christmas tree

🎄 12 Days of Fitness | Dec. 25 - Jan. 5

Individual Goal: Complete a daily exercise prompt

Join us as we challenge you to 12 Days of Fitness! Just like in the song Twelve Days of Christmas, you'll need to complete a new fitness challenge for each day of the challenge, plus the challenges from all of the previous days. For example, on day 2 of the challenge, we'll share the following prompt: On the 2nd day of fitness, Stridekick challenged me to 2 minutes of planks and an hour of walking or running. Can you make it to the final day? Join this challenge to find out!

Recap of November Community Challenges

Let's take a moment to recognize all of our hard work from our November challenges this past month!

🍂 MOVE-vember | Nov. 1 - 30

Individual Goal: Reach 155,000 steps in 30 days

  • Participants: 2,823 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: 1,736 participants (61% of all participants) reached the goal!
  • Fun Fact: Collectively, we stepped over 638,440,974 steps in this challenge

🍴 Thanksgiving Side Hustle | Nov. 2 - 15

Team Goal: To be the Thanksgiving side dish that makes it to the #1 spot on the leaderboard

  • Participants: 1,000 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: Team Cornbread took the #1 spot! Yum. 😋
  • Fun Fact: We stepped 133,484,480 steps altogether in this challenge

✨ 14 Days of Gratitude | Nov. 12 - 25

Individual Goal: To complete as many gratitude prompts throughout the 14 days

  • Participants: 1,117 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: We had an average of 194 users complete each gratitude prompt!
  • Fun Fact: We noticed that many of you shared your gratitude prompts with us, and we are very thankful to have had the chance to read them all! Thanks for inspiring us.
person putting hands up looking down at the lake

🦃 Trot Challenge! | Nov. 16 - 30

Group Goal: To make it to the end of our journey by reaching 42,000 miles collectively

  • Participants: 1,621 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: We completed our journey goal twice around and then some with 95,090 miles!
  • Fun Fact: All of our miles calculate to about 216,271,462 steps altogether

🙏 Thanksgiving Weekend Challenge! | Nov. 26 - 29

Group Goal: Reach 20,000,000 steps together over the Thanksgiving weekend

  • Participants: 1,189 Stridekickers
  • Final Scores: We reached 42,784,951 steps as a group, doubling our 20,000,000 step goal! 🔥
  • Fun Fact: Collectively, we clocked in 227,336 active minutes

Participant Shout-outs 🎉

Here at Stridekick, we are all about building a community of participants who inspire and encourage others to reach their health goals while having fun. We love to see participants in the community go above and beyond to create this community, and for that reason, we want to highlight 2 inspiring Stridekickers we've seen go above and beyond recently.

Username: Guest

Our first shout-out goes to Guest for consistently sharing the beautiful scenery they come across on their walks!

screenshot of scenery from stridekick chat

Username: Avianurag

Our second shout-out goes to Avianurag for showing us the amazing views they've come across in their walks all the way from Singapore!

view of signapore from stridekick chat

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