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Getting the Most Out of Your Stridekick Profile

SusanaNov 5, 2020

There's a lot to take advantage of in your Stridekick profile. Today, we're featuring how you can fully customize your profile to reflect your personality and how you can use your activity insights and badges to push yourself to reach your fitness goals.

Make Your Profile Your Own

Your profile in Stridekick allows you to select a profile photo, a cover photo, and even a custom location so that you can express your interests and personality in the app. Don't let the opportunity go to waste—learn how to customize your profile details below!

Customizing Your Profile & Cover Photos

When you create a Stridekick account, you'll be assigned a default profile and cover photo to start but you can easily customize both to make your profile your own.

settings button on profile page

To change your existing profile and cover photos, just head to your profile by tapping your current profile icon in the bottom navigation bar. Then, tap the settings gear icon in the upper right corner and then tap directly on the photo you'd like to update. From here, you'll have the option to take a photo from your phone or upload one from your photo library.

We're excited to see what you choose!

Customizing Your Location

In addition to your profile and cover photo, you can also add a custom location from your settings page. Just scroll down to the Location field and tap to update. You'll have a max of 25 characters to enter your location details. Fun emojis are also welcome! 😄

Note: Your custom location will be visible along with your username and profile photo in chat when you share a message or image.

Access Activity Data and Trends through Activity Insights

The Activity section of your profile aggregates all of the data you've synced into Stridekick to provide you with helpful insights and details about your activity history. At a glance, you'll be able to see graphs of your daily average and total steps, distance, and minutes by week, month, and year.

In addition to these charts, you'll see 3 additional stats for each activity metric highlighting your cumulative totals synced since you first joined Stridekick, your personal best days, and the day of the week you're most active.

You can use these insights to learn more about your personal habits and challenge yourself to beat your pervious records. Plus, it's always fun to look back to see how many steps, miles, or minutes you've accumulated over the course of a month or year. 📈

Use Badges for Motivation

variety of stridekick badges

You don't always have to be in an active challenge on Stridekick to stay motivated! Badges are a great way to push yourself to reach new goals outside of your challenge scores and allow you to get recognized for your achievements in the app.

From your profile, you'll be able to see all the possible badges you could earn and what you need to do to earn them. We have a collection of seasonal badges that can only be earned once per year by reaching a set goal for the day, as well as challenge, community, and activity badges that allow you to earn badges based on actions completed in the app, such as participating in certain challenges, sending chat messages and syncing, or maintaining set activity goals.

For example, our 10K Every Day badge is awarded each time you meet 10,000 steps or more for every day in a week. Badges can be earned more than once, and you can keep track of how many times you've earned a badge directly from your profile.

Changing Your Profile Privacy

By default, your profile will be set to "Friends only," which will allow anyone you've added as a friend to view your full profile details, including your profile details, activity insights, challenges, and badges. If you'd like to adjust your profile privacy settings, you can do so from your settings menu. Just tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of your profile to access your settings.

Take Pride in Your Profile

We hope this guide helps you to take full advantage of all that your Stridekick profile can offer. With some hard work, dedication, and creativity, your profile can become a reflection of you and how far you've come in your fitness journey so far. Happy stepping!

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