Track the number of consecutive days you’ve successfully hit your step goals, and motivate your fellow steppers in Streak mode.

Player eligibility

Eligibility is determined by the step range as defined by the host.


Scoring is considered final 24 hours after the challenge is complete. We provide grace periods to ensure that all players have a chance to sync. In the case that a challenge has ended and a user has not synced in this 24 hour grace period, their final score will not be included in this challenge, rather their last synced score will be included. All times are based on the host’s time zone.


We recommend syncing at least once a day to ensure your data displays in Stridekick. Most users sync frequently throughout the day to keep their competitors up to date on their scores.


Review daily and overall stats from the dashboard, including player rankings based on overall steps.


Group messaging can be found in each challenge that you participate in. Be the first to post some words of encouragement on the challenge message board. Better yet, share how you got your steps today!


Badges will be rewarded for completion of entire streak challenge.